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A Buddhist nation, where Buddhism is a way living, Bhutan surprises travelers in every possible way.

Big things come in small packages and Bhutan justifies it so well. A small landlocked Himalayan nation that has been able to conserve its beautiful Buddhist culture and at the same time embraces the modern development, Bhutan is the home to world’s one of the happiest peoples. Unlike other travel destinations, Bhutan discourages backpacking travelers as the country caters services only to those travelers who happily pay more than 250 US Dollars per day, which covers all expenses of the day. .

Bhutan is a paradise for travelers in both aspects; naturally and culturally. Traveling across the high mountain passes where the full bloom of rhododendron woods during springs feast your eyes. Plus the sighting the rare species of mammals and birds in botanical gardens and conserved parks is wonderful wildlife encounter. To experience the Himalayas of Bhutan trek can be the better option.

Cultural highlights of the Land of Thunder Dragon are majestic dzongs and sacred monasteries located dramatically including the Tiger’s Nest which hangs on a cliff 90 m above Paro Valley. The Bhutanese festivals highlighting colorful mask dances along with the textiles and handicrafts manufacturing companies, and outrageous archery events are also the fascinating highlights of Bhutan. 

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