Our Team

A Team is an essential part of a company that works for better output resulting a better bonding among each member.

Hiking Nepal Pvt. Ltd. established with a motive to provide a real taste of Nepalese society and Himalayas to the world. It has become only possible with the supportive team.

The Management

Mr. Chet Bhatta
Executive Director
In 1998, with a motive to begin career in Himalayan Tourism, starts as an assistance guide and with dedication, become the Executive Director of Hiking Nepal is a significant achievement by Chet Bhatta.
Born and grown up in the remote mountain below the towering peak of Manaslu at Gorkha, believe to work and assist travelers through high mountain villages to the ethnic surrounding for the growth of the local community for prosperity. He knows the trails of every trekking region of Nepal and has ideas on every sort of problems that can encounter during the tours and treks across the Himalayan nations. With an innovative concept, he has become a successful tourism entrepreneur. Even with his heart to serve the communities lying in the remote and underprivileged communities, he has been involved with other humanitarian project for the welfare of the local community and help the mountain locals for better life and education.

Nittam Subedi
Sr. Travel Consultant
Ms. Nittam Subedi is a young, enthusiastic and hardworking member of Hiking Nepal; believe in providing authentic service to the travelers leading to enhancement of remote and underprivileged community. Born and brought up in the historical and cultural city Kathmandu; possess developing skills within Tourism management that has been gained through her studies on Travel & Tourism and Nepalese Culture and Archaeology. She is self-motivated, devoted and responsible in regards to her duties and responsibilities.
Our Guides

A trip becomes effective only when a group get right information about places with proper guidance. Hence, we Hiking Nepal team is formed with the participation of qualified guide holding licensed from NMA and NATHAM. Meantime, with a background of Himalayan dwellers, it is obvious to get authentic information as well as proper guidance in regards to altitude; no doubts, the local knows better about the remedies for proper acclimatization. Hence, we hiking Nepal Teams proudly say that our guide are pride of our company who not only represent us but, let our guest know real Nepal providing authentic taste of Nepalese society.

Our Guides are high land Sherpas who are used to with the mountains from their childhood. For our guide, happiness is when they see the guest satisfy with the services bringing smile in their face. Hence, they do not left any space to provide best possible service and let the guest satisfy. Guide is not only responsible for satisfying guest, however, safety and security is main thing. It is not a word to joke, hence, our guide is always keeping them one step ahead in this topic.

Mr. Ram Krishna Timilsina
Trekking Guide
Mr. Ram Krishna Timilsina, originally from Dhading District, has been working as trekking guide since 1998. He is an experienced and dedicated guide working with Hiking Nepal and believe in serving hospitable environment to the travelers. For him, a pleasing smile in guest face really matters to keep himself satisfied on his professions. He is very gentle, honest and friendly person; speaks good English as well as make every guest familiar with the local culture, tradition and trail.

Mr. Lok Bhatta
Trekking Guide
Mr. Lok Bhatta is an experienced and friendly trekking guide enthusiastically operating groups in the Himalayas for last 10 years. With his dedication and skills on this professions, he has become a backbone of Hiking Nepal and mostly suggested guide for trekking. Blessed with a good English speaking ability, he is very caring and helpful person who makes your trip a worthwhile and enjoyable one.






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